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December 2018

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 Saints Row The Third Mod (Advanced Notoriety)

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PostSubject: Saints Row The Third Mod (Advanced Notoriety)   Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:24 pm

This Mod was made by yorpie.
Don't upload anywhere without our permission.

The advanced police notoriety is here! Its sooner released then I expected, because of some people who wanted me to release it asap, so please report any bugs that you can find be sure to give feedback:

I don't like this about the mod/You should make the cops do 'xxx' or make them use 'xxx'/I like this type of vehicle spawning but it should appear more/less,.... stuff like that.

More info:

What exactly will change?
It will change the type of personell and vehicles that show up when you have archieved a certain police notoriety level as well as the amount of vehicles and the time it takes for more to arrive.
For example now the SWAT team will already come after the player at the notoriety level of 3 with the SWAT Eagle Helicopter and SWAT Lockdowns while at notoriety 4 the SWAT Tornado and the SWAT Bear will join in as well.

I also made some changes to the weapons they use and how they use them. For example the police officers will now use the Sheperd pistol. If you take a look at the police officers in SR TT you will notice that in their holster they have a Sheperd pistol though they use the Kobra pistols which I found a bit unlogical.

Other things about weapons also have been adjusted. For example police personell will now do triple the amount of damage they normally do. SWAT Riot Shielders will now also use the Tek Z10 SMG to shoot at you and SWAT members with AR 55s will now fire full automatic instead of in bursts which makes it much harder to survive against them.

Other stuff also has been changed. SWAT and SNG members will no longer flinch when you shoot at them. This means that when you hit one, he will remain stationairy and keep shooting at you. SWAT and SNG personell also can't no longer be taken hostage.

The roadblocks have also been tweaked. For example, certain notoriety level 2 roadblocks will have spike strips at one side of the road with a cop car standing on the other lane. Also, notoriety level 4 roadblocks will now have SWAT snipers in them and SWAT Bears which most of the time shoot at the player when approaching.

I also included a feature for the M2 grenade launcher. The feature includes the SWAT using grenade launchers armed with flashbangs. (So basically an alternative to make the SWAT use flashbangs since except for dropping flashbangs, they never actually did use them outside of the mission 'When Good Heists Go Bad and the first mission of The Trouble With Clones)

The spawns:
Notoriety 0
Police cars patrolling
Police officer patrolling
Police helicopter flying over the city

Notoriety 1
Police cars/bikes on land, police sharks (jetski) on the water
Officers use their fists and tasers
Police helicopters still fly over the city

Notoriety 2
Police cars/bikes on land, police sharks (jetski) on the water, police helicopter.
Police roadblocks are being set up as well as spike strips are being used.
Officer use the 45. sheperd pistol

Notoriety 3
Police car/bikes on land, police sharks (jetski) on the water with either helmet cops or SWAT officers on them, SWAT eagle, Black opressor (SWAT sniper helicopter), SWAT Lockdown riot vans, unmarked police cars (with SWAT in them)
SWAT now make the roadblocks instead of cops.
Officers use the 45. Sheperd pistol
SWAT use Riot shields, KA1 kobras, Tek Z10s, AR55s, Ultimax shotguns, M2 grenade launchers (firing flashbangs), Mcmanus 2015 sniper rifle.

Notoriety 4
Police car/bikes on land, police sharks (jetski) and police commanders on the water (all with SWAT), SWAT tornado attack heli, SWAT riot vans, SWAT APCs (marked blue variant will chase and be used in small roadblocks, black APC in big roadblocks), black unmarked police cars with SWAT in them.
Officers use the 45. Sheperd pistol
SWAT use Riot shields, KA1 kobras, Tek Z10s, AR55s, Ultimax shotguns, M2 grenade launchers (firing flashbangs), Mcmanus 2015 sniper rifle.

Notoriety 5
SNG Bulldog/SNG Tank (challenger) on land, SNG commander battle ships on the water, Tanks and SNG APCs (bears) in roadblocks, SNG Tornado, SNG vulture and SNG Eagle (armed variant) in the air. The unarmed SNG Eagle no longer spawns except for in the military base itself where it will show up at notoriety 4.

SNG uses the Ar 55 and the Annihilator RPG (they also have grenades with them)

STAG and gangs also have been edited, though not as spectacular as the cops. Gangs at level 2 are still the same, carrying two gang members per car, but at notoriety 3 they will carry four members per car instead of the original 3.
Specialists now only start appearing from level 4 and brutes from level 5.

Here's the video:


lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!


Thanks for who has downloaded. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Saints Row The Third Mod (Advanced Notoriety)
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